Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed the answers to some frequently asked questions below. 

Once your POS software is up and running you may be interested in some of these helpful tips we’ve listed below. These hints have been supplied by our experts – the Professional Partner network and technical support teams.

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Frequently asked questions

Q:  Why do I have to use Reckon Accounts with Point of Sale products?

A:  Reckon Accounts is globally recognised as a best-of-breed accounting software product for small to medium sized businesses. Reckon developed the Point of Sale software range to give businesses needing effective point of sale management the tools needed to perform quick transactions while utilising the power and extensive functionality of Reckon Accounts.

Q:  Where can I find  POS training?

A:  Reckon Accredited Partners, who are Point of Sale experts, can assist with installation and training.

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Q:  Can I use any version of Reckon Accounts software alongside any version of  POS software?

A:  POS Lite, Professional and Enterprise integrates with Accounts Accounting, Plus, Premier and Enterprise.

Q:  Where can I find help installing POS software? 

A: Visit the installation page >

Q:  Where can I buy POS software?

A:  Visit the buy page >

Knowledge Browser

The Reckon Knowledge Browser contains a list of commonly asked questions.

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Helpful tips

Want to move the POS terminal screen?

If your POS terminal is set to a fixed position it cannot be moved or re-sized. Click on the Tools menu and choose Options. In the General tab uncheck the tick box Set QuickPos form to a fixed position.

Want a new employee’s details to be available in POS?

The employee must appear on the Sales Reps list in Reckon Accounts first. Before adding any new employee details, you should set up Reckon Accounts to automatically add any new employee to the Sales Rep list.

We recommend that you run a Reckon Accounts Transfer before processing an End of Day.

This will overcome a potential issue when posting a transaction to Reckon Accounts where an unwanted service item is created because an item has been moved or changed.

A Cash Out can’t be performed in conjunction with a refund for EFTPOS.

This must be a separate transaction. If a Cash Out is to be reversed this must also be performed as a separate transaction.

Does assigning a POS Terminal function to a key replace the standard PC keyboard functionality?

No. For example, when you are in POS Terminal and press F7 key, the system refunds a product. If you are in a Windows application, the F7 key functions as normal.

You cannot perform an End of Day if transactions are on hold.

Need to create Customer Loyalty Cards?

This Reckon Knowledge Browser article includes a quick guide for creating Customer Loyalty Cards in Reckon POS. Read article >

You can access the Appointment Manager from within the Table Manager window by clicking the Appointment Manager button.

Do I need to use a decimal point when entering a value?

No. For example, if a customer hands you $100.00, enter 10000 and press Enter. This rule applies to all values entered throughout POS Terminal, unless informed otherwise.

Can the POS terminal access any internet connection?

No, the POS Terminal web browser does not have unfettered access to the Internet. Access is restricted to a list of pre-approved sites.

How can I use the Switch area functionality?

If there are only two areas set up in your layout, when you click the Switch Area button it will toggle between them.

By default the Appointment Manager is set up to use the Sales People list transferred from Reckon Accounts.

How can I use the Advanced features with Appointment Manager?

Advanced features are only available when the Integrate with Table Manager option is not selected. Otherwise the Appointment Manager will use Table Manager advanced features.

An Appointment Manager function key must be added to every keyboard layout that you want it to appear on.

POS doesn’t do this for you automatically.