Choose the right solutions for you!

You can mix-and-match Point of Sale software with Reckon Accounts software to get the perfect system for your business.

How does it work

Combine Point of Sale with the right Reckon Accounts

Reckon Accounts becomes the financial manager of the retail system. It holds the financial details of the store. It knows the prices and the discounts per customers; inventory levels and when to order more.

Reckon Accounts takes information from your POS system and makes daily adjustments to its accounts and files. It can then produce a myriad of reports that allow you to make informed decisions regarding your business.

Get the right solutions system for your business in 2 easy steps

  • Step 1: Choose a Point of Sale product that has the features you need  
  • Step 2: Match it with the Reckon Accounts features you need

Step 1: Choose a Point of Sale Solution

Use the table below to see which features are available in the different versions.

Point of Sale 2017 Features


POS Lite



POS Professional


NEW Unlimited barcodes per item  
NEW Bold font for receipts  
NEW 24/7 online registration of POS terminal
NEW Automatic calculation of change for layby payments
NEW Create 'pending' sales and refunds
NEW Automatic error detection for end-of-day transfer to Reckon Accounts
Compatible with Windows® 10 & Microsoft® Office 2016
Compliant with the National Measurement Institute
Track which terminal sales transactions originate from                
View the location of a specific database from your terminal                
Back office management                
Touch screen enabled
Customisable touch screen layout
Label printing software
Stock management
Transactions on hold
Integrated EFTPOS
Lay-by management
Transaction history for printing receipts
Training mode
User and role-based security features
Cash in drawer warning
Currency conversion  
Appointment Manager  
Customer waitlist management  
Kitchen printing  
Versatile graphical Table Manager  
Multiple barcodes  
Enhanced customer loyalty programs  
Layered touch screen  
Powered by SQL database    
Customised SQL reporting tool    

Reckon Accounts range comparison

Step 2: Choose the right Reckon Accounts

Each of these product is compatible with any Point of Sale 2017 software. This graph highlights the features available in different versions of Reckon Accounts.

Reckon Accounts 2017 Features





NEW Simpler Business Activity Statement (BAS) reporting
Compatible with Windows® 10 & Microsoft® Office 2016
Use WebMail to email invoices & documents
ABN Validation
UPDATED Import, reconcile and track bank transactions
Automated bank statements
Unlimited company data files
Unlimited transactions
Invoice, pay bills and track expenses
Prepare BAS and track GST
Easy to set up and access help
Weekend support available
Portable company file
Integrated online data backup 
21 Industry Chart of Accounts
Home page customisation
Customisable Company and Customer Snapshot
Reckon GovConnect    
Integrated BAS and online lodgement
12 month updates and upgrades
Microsoft Office integration
Process credit card payments
Reports centre
Track and manage inventory
Payroll and employee management  
Advanced inventory features    
Microsoft Outlook integration    
Estimates, quotes and job costing    
Multicurrency enabled    
Multi-user enabled    
Multiple licences    
Multiple price levels per item    
Advanced reporting tools    
Industry specific versions      
Enhanced multi-user security features      
Multi-company reporting      
Variable service billing rates       

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