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Point of Sale products are benefiting businesses of all types across Australia. Alongside Reckon Accounts, the software is helping reduce costs, improve operating efficiencies and increase profits.

Find out what our customers say: read the testimonials and case studies below.


"This is a very user-friendly software...we have people from Europe, Australia and all around the world, and they understand how it works in less than a day".

Stefano de Blassi (November 2014)

"Overall POS 2011/12 offers more flexibility and options. The new features will not only save time but they will reduce the chance of error".

Robyn Ricket, AST Consultants (April 2011)

"I love that I can quickly see how the business is travelling, for example so far this year hasn’t been travelling as well as last year. I can easily see how much ground needs to be made up."

Jon Ashmore, Kitepower, QLD (June 2011)

"Reckon Point of Sale has always been a fantastic retail product and now it has gotten even better with the introduction of the Table Manager feature."

Eleanor Whitchurch, Whitchurch Consulting, Hobart (March 2010)

"It is an excellent platform for us to sell products and linking POS to Reckon Accounts gives me complete control of the business.”

Gordon Harris, Australian Computer Resellers, Cannington, WA (Jan 2010)

"The system is good, the process of preparing invoices is very simple.”

Jon Ashmore, Kitepower, QLD (June 2011)

"The new pre-set memo will save a massive amount of time, particularly for restaurant and cafe staff taking non standard orders.”

Robyn Ricket, AST Consultants (April 2011)

Kitepower Australia

The company:

A windy, sunny day is a great day for Jon’s business.

Jon Ashmore operates a Kitepower Australia store at Clontarf, Queensland. When the weather is good he says you’ll see kites flying in parks and kiteboarders on the water, which is the best advertising he can ask for.

Kiteboarding, also known as kitesurfing, is an international adventure sport that has taken off in the last decade. In 2006, it was estimated that over 100,000 inflatable kites were sold globally and the trend has continued.

“I’m not the greatest kitesurfer myself but I consider myself a good business person and I run Kitepower because it’s a fun, successful business.”

Jon first worked for a Kitepower store in Sydney several years ago when he decided to get a better work/life balance. “I had previously worked in finance for a large firm in Sydney working long hours and not feeling satisfied,” he said.

As well as selling all types of kites within the Kitepower store, Jon manages the Brisbane Kitesurfing School.

The Challenge

When Jon came to manage Kitepower in Sydney he was quickly struck by the need to get the financial management of the business under control.

He was most concerned about the time it was taking to process payments and the way inventory was being managed. The store was using a traditional cash register and manually recording payments. He could also see that inventory wasn’t being recorded properly and figures weren’t matching.

“We needed an accounting system that would help manage inventory and payroll, prepare invoices and streamline the whole process. It made sense to use an automated system for managing the finances” says Jon.

The Solution

Jon knew a computerised point of sale system would save a lot of time entering data and help the store track stock movements. Kitepower installed Reckon Retail Point of Sale and QuickBooks. “The system is good, the process of preparing invoices is very simple,” says Jon.

When Jon left the Sydney Kitepower store to open his own store in Queensland he installed the same software straight away.

“Local software specialist, Kevin Bell helped me set up the system when the store first opened by customising the program for my business,” says Jon.

Kevin Bell is a Reckon Accredited Partner well known for his expertise in point of sale. “Working with Jon has been very simple. He was already familiar with computer systems and found POS fairly simple to use. Since setting up the program, Jon and I catch up a few times a year on videoconference to discuss any ways he can use the system better,” said Kevin.

Reckon Retail Point of Sale includes Lite, Professional and Enterprise versions. The range also includes a Retail starter Kit for $1050 that includes the Retail software, QuickBooks software and hardware (a cash drawer, barcode scanner and receipt printer).

“I love that I can quickly see how the business is travelling, for example so far this year hasn’t been travelling as well as last year. I can easily see how much ground needs to be made up,” said Jon.

By integrating Reckon Retail Point of Sale with QuickBooks it saves a lot of time and makes the entire operation more professional. Jon says he can easily manage payments to instructors, purchases online and purchases in-store, and he can effectively manage inventory. Plus, Kitepower takes advantage of the multicurrency feature with kite purchases from across the globe.

“My dream is to have the business running very successfully and then duplicate the same model somewhere else. With QuickBooks now being accessible from anywhere via the internet it means I can operate remotely and travel between stores.”

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Australian Computer Reseller

The company:

When director Gordon Harris says for him to succeed in business it is vital to distinguish his business from the competitors, he means it.

Australian Computer Resellers is one of 23 computer retailers in and around the Perth suburb of Cannington in which the company is based. Whilst Australian Computer Resellers doesn’t have the national footprint of the major electrical retail chains, Harris has built the business on personal service, know-how and not treating customers as if they’re just another account number.

“We’re one of the only small independent firms [in the area] and if you want to survive you’ve got to have a good point of service,” he says.

Australian Computer Resellers is a full-service computer store. It’s been selling new, used, and refurbished computers and accessories since 1993. The company complements its business with troubleshooting, data backup services, repairs, reinstallations, web site hosting and training, amongst others, most notably consulting services.

The challenge:

Harris, who is an accountant by trade, and his wife, Beth, a former award-winning business coach and consultant, have successfully united the company’s product offerings with accounting software consulting in a way the larger retailers can’t.

Australian Computer Resellers is well versed at customising software packages to fit the specific needs of its clients, many, but not all of which are small businesses. This portion of the business, Harris says, now accounts for about 40 per cent of its revenue.

The solution:

The increasing diversification of the company’s operations, has it relying on a combination of Reckon software – Retail Point of Sale and the new QuickBooks Premier QBi series – to track sales, manage inventory, process transactions,and manage the service department.

“It is an excellent platform for us to sell products,” says Harris, “and linking POS to QuickBooks gives me complete control of the business.”

Australian Computer Resellers has integrated Reckon’s Retail POS into QuickBooks enabling Harris, at the close of business each day, to see exactly what products have been sold. The ability to link his accounting software to other programmes in this fashion is a significant benefit to streamlining the company’s operations.

It all helps reduce the amount of time balancing the books, enabling staff to spend more time with a customer base whose needs are broadening while their understanding may not be.

Harris notes that while just about every customer has a slightly different need, the underlying trend today is compliance. Increasingly complex ATO regulations have confused many and while most don’t necessarily want to understand their obligations, they just want the confidence that “everything is set up right” for compliance.

QuickBooks, he notes, fits the bill with its Chart of Accounts, Bank Reconcilliations and other reporting and financial management tools. As such, Australian Computer Resellers’ staff make sure each software package that leaves the store does exactly what its new owner expects.
“We’re trying to make this a one-stop shop,” he notes, adding another important aspect of the company’s business is its ability to recommend not only what is the best product snd service for the job but also what is best for the customer’s wallet.

Harris’ firm turns over plenty of used and refurbished computers, computers that are purchased in bulk from local schools and government departments. These units are touched up, and if necessary, repaired, then sold for as little as $299. Each package also comes with various warranty and support entitlements giving the consumer complete confidence that not only are they purchasing an efficient and reliable computer but also the confidence that should they have compliments, complaints or questions, Australian Computer Resellers is there to help.

And that, Harris adds, is something you can’t always expect from his larger computer chain store competitors.

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